Write To Your Sponsored Child

Children love receiving letters from their sponsors!

Letters can be written, emailed, or created using our Letter Template.

How to send a letter:

All letters to sponsored children must be sent through ChildCare INTERNATIONAL. 

Sending a letter to your sponsored child can be done three ways. 

Either email us your letter at: info@childcareinternational.ca,

create your letter through this form,


Letters, cards, photos and stickers can also be mailed to our office at:

204 – 5460 152 Street,

Surrey, BC V3S 5J9


Things to include in your letter:

Feel free to write about your family, and include drawings or photos of your friends and family.  Stickers or anything small and flat may be included if sending by mail.

Things you should NOT include in your letter:

To protect yourself from any unwanted solicitations please do not include any of your personal contact information in your letters. This includes addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses.