Haiti is considered the poorest county in the Western Hemisphere. Literacy rates are less than 50%.

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Without an education Haitian children are left with little hope of a future.

The January 2010 earthquake in Port au Prince killed an estimated 150,000 people and left thousands more homeless. Drought and Hurricane Matthew has only worsened the infrastructure of much of Haiti’s housing. Less than half the population has access to basic health care. Many citizens – especially children – are without the necessary means to survive and thrive long term. With the help of our partners, CCI will continue to make a difference in the lives of these children.


ChildCare INTERNATIONAL operates in 12 schools across three regions in Haiti, with our partners CFNE and ODRINO

Centre de Formation et de Nutrition des Enfant – Central Haiti

(CFNE): CFNE operates in Central Haiti, and supports programs and sponsorship at schools in Bas Andre, Cahoball, La Grange, Poteau, and St. Marc.

Organization for the Development of Rural Northwest – Northwest Haiti

(ODRINO): ODRINO is a local Haitian community development organization working in the Moustiques River Watershed in Northwest Haiti. It provides water to 50,000 people using 75 miles of pipe and 90 fountains. In addition to drinking water systems, ODRINO does irrigation canals, roads, schools, church and other development/relief work in the region.

CCI partners with the development arm of the Haiti Baptist churches to support programs and sponsorship at schools in the Northwest communities of Vion and Moulin, Jean Bois and Les Fonds.

Mission of Grace – Port au Prince, Haiti

Mission of Grace operates in Carries, which lies on the Haitian coast between Port au Prince and St. Marc MISSION OF GRACE (Coast)