Muhanda, located in the Maragoli Hill region and straddling the equator just north of Lake Victoria, is a village in which ChildCare INTERNATIONAL partners with organizations that run faith based schools to sponsor children.

Walking along the only gravel road through Muhanda, you will be warmly greeted with “Mirembe”, meaning peace.  The prominent building of the community, other than schools and churches, is the Muhanda Community Centre.  This facility enables the Mawazo Women’s Group to run an Early Childhood program for about 120 children, sponsored by CCI.  The Mawazo Women’s Group is a community based organization that aims to help vulnerable members of the community such as the orphaned children and their grandparents who care for them.

This Centre houses a three-roomed preschool, a library and a small tailoring school.  Remarkably, the community interventions focused on improving the welfare of villages economically and socially over the past ten years, have been the capable leadership of one of Muhanda’s first students to complete his schooling in Kenya, earn an MBA from the USA, and ultimately return to his own community to bring desperately needed improvements in health, education, and economics to his own people.  ChildCare feels privileged to work with such selfless and gifted leaders.




In Central Kenya, ChildCare INTERNATIONAL partners with an organization called Tumaini Childcare Services (TCS).  Led by Pastor John, our Kenyan team includes our Sponsorship Coordinator, Gilbert, Field Worker, Joseph, Accountant, Margaret, and Office Assistant, Monica.

The Tumaini Childcare Services team manages the operation of our Children’s Homes in Nakuru and Narok where they care for the 150 children living there.  Additionally TCS handles all the sponsorship responsibilities for the hundreds of sponsored children living and attending school in the surrounding communities of Munyu Village, Nyandarua and Kiambu.

ChildCare INTERNATIONAL is blessed to have such a wonderful sponsorship team in Kenya, and we are honored to work alongside them to serve our sponsors in Canada.



For over 20 years, the LRA (Lord’s Resistance Army) rebels waged war on the Acholi people of northern Uganda.  They abducted children and forced them to commit atrocities against their families and communities as a method of brainwashing them into their ranks.  Many of the girls returned with children conceived by rebels.

In 2002, the people were forced into IDP camps and as a result, became dependent on emergency food rations.  Abandoned schools fell to decay, water resources were compromised, and farm land was not cultivated.  The morale of the Acholi people began to decline and gave way to alcoholism, an increase in AIDS, various diseases and domestic violence  as a result of their living conditions.

 Faith Academy in Kitgum, Northern Uganda

ChildCare INTERNATIONAL is committed to helping hundreds of children affected by this horrific war through sponsorship programs at the Faith Academy in northern Uganda.  The children attending Faith Academy (under leadership of Clayton Odhiambo), the goal is to ‘raise up children in the way they should go‘ (Prov. 22:6) from an early age and that they ‘may grow in wisdom and in stature and in favor with God and men.’ (Luke 2:52).  The children also receive two nutritious meals a day, medical checkups and treatment.



In Uganda, ChildCare INTERNATIONAL is honored to partner with the Full Gospel Churches of Uganda.  In the capital city of Kampala, the Makerere Full Gospel Church is a vibrant church whose energetic worship is engaging people in the surrounding communities.  Through the Makerere Church, ChildCare INTERNATIONAL is sponsoring children in the neighbouring slums.  The sponsored children attend primary schools within the slum areas and while they once stood watching church from the outside, they are now attending Saturday programs filled with music, dancing and song.



Kabere is located in South West Uganda, near the borders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Kabere is 1 of 6 remote villages on Lake Bunyonyi, at an altitude of 1,950 metres; the lake is surrounded by hills over 220 metres high.  The steep slopes are terraced as it is an ideal method to hold back earth, slow down surface water runoff and help prevent soil erosion.  When crops are harvested, farmers must travel by dugout canoes to reach the market in Kabale, six miles east of their village.  Here they trade sweet and irish potatoes, nuts, beans, wheat and peas.  Life is hard in Kabere; women and children alike must make the 3-4 hour trek twice daily carrying 2 litre bottles of water on their heads.  Home is a hut with dirt floors and woven grass roofs.  Women dress in colorful multi-layered garb which exemplifies their undaunted spirits.  Hundreds of HIV/AIDS orphaned children are welcomed into homes already bursting at the seams.  The children of Kabere are deeply loved and happy.

Through child sponsorship, ChildCare INTERNATIONAL is providing school fees, uniforms and shoes to the children of Kabere.