Current Projects

Moulin School Well

In this region of Northwest Haiti, having access to clean water is a chronic problem, and many have to walk up to three miles each direction to receive drinking water without a well. Please partner with us to drill a well at Moulin School so the community may have unrestricted and reliable access to water. Giving water will truly be giving life to children in Moulin!

Total Cost: $15,000   

Total Raised:

Moulin School Kitchen

Moulin School also needs a secure, safe, and weatherproof kitchen to better provide children with a hot lunch every day. Building an adequate facility, complete with food and utensil storage, will help children continue to learn, grow, and thrive while being at school.

Total Cost: $14,000

We praise God that the student population at Vion School is growing and thriving! With this growth comes the desperate need for more classroom space, so that more children can receive the gift of Christian education. Please partner with us in building 4 additional classrooms so that children can continue pursuing their dreams in a safe learning environment.

Total Cost: $76,000

Total Raised:

Units of Hope

Help change the lives of a family living in poverty by providing a solid two-room house, with a kitchen, roof catchment, water tank and latrine. Provide hope for a family in need today!

Total Cost: $6,000

Supplies for Good Samaritan School

Good Samaritan School is located in the Kamuli village of Rakai District, southern Uganda.  Good Samaritan School is in need of furniture and school supplies for 10 classrooms as well kitchen utensils. With donations, the school of 600 children will benefit from desks, chalk boards, books, pens, toilet paper, liquid soap, cups, plates, pans, clocks, soccer balls, paper, markers, and teacher and administrative supplies. 

Total Cost: $10,000

Computer Lab for school in The Philippines

Many young people in the Philippines are unable to tap into opportunities because they do not have the proper skills to access jobs.  This project will help 100 young people, as well as their parents get trained on such computer skills as typing, data entry, scheduling, bookkeeping, designing etc.  They will then be able to find jobs and be able to support their families.  The project includes purchasing computers, teachers’ honorariums and internet costs.  

Total Cost:  $7,000

Total Raised:

Faith Academy: Pavilion Project

CCI and its partners at Faith Academy, in Kitgum, Uganda, are excited to report that the Pavilion Project will be  completed in March 2020.  With all the funds raised, the building has been built and soon, the children will have seats, tables, and a floor.


From Pastor Clayton at Faith Academy:


“Glory to God for this wonderful gift of a building with numerous purposes. What can we say unto the Lord? All that we can say is thank you Lord!!!”

Total Raised:

Thank you for your consideration in donating towards any of these projects. Any amount impacts the life of a child, their family, and the community!