Renée joined ChildCare International (CCI) after working more than a decade in communications for large and small Manitoba-based organizations. For many years she was also a freelance writer for Christian Week, writing news and human-interest articles about inspiring Christians in Manitoba.

After writing an article about a local dentist who had a ministry in the Dominican Republic, Renée accompanied his team on a trip to build a house for a poor family in the region. The trip forever changed her view of poverty.

“I remember visiting a village in a very poor area where displaced Haitians were living in dire conditions. I was struck by these people living in shacks without access to clean water or the most basic needs,” she says. “I realized then that what we call poor in North America is very different from the extreme poverty people experience in other countries.”

Reaching the world’s most vulnerable people “one child at a time” through sponsorship and other donations resonates solidly with Renée. She is eager to use her marketing/communications and donor relations skills to help kids around the world receive a Christ-centred education.

Renée is also actively involved in national and local prayer ministries. She lives in Winnipeg with her husband and two cats.

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