Invite a Speaker

At CCI we believe there is great strength in working with like-minded people who are passionate about empowering children to break the cycle of poverty.

Whether it is a staff member, or one of CCI’s speakers, we enjoy visiting churches (or other large gatherings) in order to communicate clearly and passionately our vision.

Our speakers share our love for children and deep commitment to providing them with greater opportunity.  With a wealth of experience in working for children around the world, our speakers will bring the reality faced by children, and the difference sponsorship makes, to you and your group.

Invite a CCI staff member or a speaker to your church or group gathering to learn more about how you can be connected to a child today.

Our Speakers

Martin and Susan Harder

Representatives – British Columbia and the Prairie Provinces

Renee Barclay

Representative – Manitoba

Nicola Topsom

Representative – Ontario