Current Projects

The Philippines - Footpath

A foot path is needed in a community that benefits children registered through ChildCare International.  Many of these children have sponsors through CCI.

Total Cost: $400

Total Raised:

The Philippines - Two "Community Washrooms"

Washrooms are needed in two communities.  Approximately 70 families will benefit from these community washrooms.  Many of these families have children who attend schools and programs supported by ChildCare International.  Many of these children are sponsored through CCI.

Total Cost: $3500

Total Raised:

We praise God that the student population at Vion School is growing and thriving! With this growth comes the desperate need for more classroom space, so that more children can receive the gift of Christian education. Please partner with us in building 4 additional classrooms so that children can continue pursuing their dreams in a safe learning environment.

Total Cost: $76,000

Total Raised:

Haiti - Moulin School Well

In this region of Northwest Haiti, having access to clean water is a chronic problem, and many have to walk up to three miles each direction to receive drinking water without a well. Please partner with us to drill a well at Moulin School so the community may have unrestricted and reliable access to water. Giving water will truly be giving life to children in Moulin!

Total Cost: $15,000   

Total Raised:

Guatemala - Technology for Blended Learning

El Mesias Christian School needs technology to support in-class and virtual learning for students due to COVID-19. Please donate towards this project to provide technological equipment, such as computers, projectors, whiteboards, and wireless systems, so that students can continue their education at home and at school. 

Phase 1: providing computers for teachers to instruct online – $5,000 

Phase 2: funding computers for students & installing classroom projectors and whiteboards – $9,800

Total Raised:

Dominican Republic - Sanitary Filter

Nest of Love School is in need of a sanitary filter in order to support the health and learning of its students and staff. The current septic wells are too small and often overflow, causing contamination to the environment and a harsh odor that is disturbing to the students and teachers. With your support, Nest of Love plans to dig a well and install the new filter so that students will no longer be disrupted in their learning. Overall, this project will benefit 427 students and 35 staff members.

Total cost: $1,200

Total Raised:

Dominican Republic - Painting the School

One of the school walls at Nest of Love is in need of new paint, as it is currently deteriorated. We understand the impact of a school’s environment on its students which is why we are excited to support this project! Please consider contributing towards painting the school so that Nest of Love can continue being a good and clean place for children to learn in.

Total cost: $500

Total Raised:

Guatemala - Computer Lab

Mi Especial Tesoro School in Guatemala is in need of 20 new computers so that students can be taught basic computer systems knowledge and have the opportunity for advanced training. In most cases, students do not have access to a computer at home, which will impact their futures without the opportunity to be trained at school. Gaining knowledge on computers skills ensures that students will have more open doors in finding jobs in the future! In addition, this computer lab can be used for paid classes for the community, which will generate a source of income to cover other expenses at this school. 

Total Cost: $4,400

Total Raised:

Guatemala - Education Center

An Education Center built for Mi Especial Tesoro school will mean that rent will no longer be an expense.  The school can then better invest in the lives of children and their families. 

The land already purchased will have 2 floors.  The first floor will include separate classrooms for nursery, kindergarten, primary grades, washrooms, teachers’ meeting room, administration office and warehouses. The second floor will have middle and high school classrooms, washrooms and a computer laboratory.

The school will be able to provide technical courses such as cooking, carpentry and computers for higher-level learning.

Total Cost: $150,000

Total Raised:

Haiti - Units of Hope

Help change the lives of a family living in poverty by providing a solid two-room house, with a kitchen, roof catchment, water tank and latrine. Provide hope for a family in need today!

Total Cost: $6,000

Thank you for your consideration in donating towards any of these projects. Any amount impacts the life of a child, their family, and the community!