Current Projects

Guatemala - New Building for School

With a steadily growing student body, Mesias Christian School’s existing rented facility is no longer able to accommodate all the children being enrolled. The current facilities have cramped classrooms and there is no open space for the children to play in. With more than 140 elementary school students now enrolled, there is also an impending need to expand the school to include a high school.

The school has purchased land for a new building. Environmental assessments have been completed and the land is being prepared for construction to begin. Plans for the three-story facility include nine classrooms on each floor, washrooms, science labs, an office for staff, and a small cafeteria. The new location will also provide children with green space, including a playground and basketball court. There are also plans to offer high-school technical education in graphic design and forestry, which will give graduates more opportunities for employment right out of high school.

Total Cost: $150,000 (Phase 1)

Total Raised:

Dominican Republic - Paint Job for School

Research shows that the setting children learn in is important for the learning process. However, limited resources at Juan Calvino Christian School in the Dominican Republic have made it impossible to paint the entire school. Many of the school’s walls are in a state of disrepair. A new paint job on the perimeter wall and on the inside and outside of the three school buildings will improve the school’s appearance and make it a more positive learning environment for students and teachers.

Total Cost: $4,200

Total Raised:

Guatemala - School Roof and Grounds Improvements

A well-maintained school provides children with a safe learning environment and it improves the school’s reputation in the community. Horeb school in Guatemala needs roof waterproofing to protect the building from humidity caused by rain. This will help prevent respiratory illness in students and staff. The school court also needs new paint. These minor maintenance upgrades will keep the building and grounds in good condition and reflect the security that Horeb school offers students.

Total Cost: $550

Total Raised:

Guatemala - Covid 19 Prevention

The Guatemalan government now requires that all schools comply with COVID-19 health protocols to protect students and staff. To meet the new biosafety requirements, Horeb school in Guatemala will install accessories, sanitizers and disinfectants, including gel dispensers. This will help prevent the spread of infection at the school.

Total Cost: $750

Total Raised:

Guatemala - Equipment for Physical Education

Due to pandemic-related school closures over the past two years, children who had to stay home did not get the same physical activity as when they attended classes in person. Now after returning to face-to-face classes, many of the students are out of shape. Horeb school in Guatemala needs new equipment so that the children can become more active. This will ensure students can engage in fun activities and sports to improve their overall condition and avoid obesity. Funds will be used for soccer balls, volley balls, basketballs, track equipment, jump ropes, hula hoops, and other sports gear.

Total Cost: $1,700

Total Raised:

Guatemala - Computer Equipment

The computers at Horeb School were purchased when the school began in 2006 and they are now obsolete. The outdated technology no longer supports the computer programs used. With more virtual education now being done to mitigate pandemic restrictions, it is vitally important to have updated digital technologies and expand the computer lab. The new computer equipment will better serve the students now and into the future.

Total Cost: $12,600

Total Raised:

Guatemala - Computers for Online Learning

The Christian Educational Center Mi Especial Tesoro (My Special Treasure) School has started hybrid face-to-face and virtual classes to accommodate students in person and online. Groups of 10 children attend in person twice a week, while others attend online. Teachers need computers to connect with children online for these hybrid classes. Six new computers will ensure the teachers can connect with the children, as well as prepare class materials and carry out grading for each of the students. Please help equip the teachers with computers to facilitate the hybrid classes and other class-related work.

Total Cost: $8,000

Total Raised:

Guatemala - Education Centre

An Education Centre built for Mi Especial Tesoro school will mean that rent will no longer be an expense.  The school can then better invest in the lives of children and their families. 

The land is already purchased, and the school will have 2 floors.  The first floor will include separate classrooms for nursery, kindergarten, primary grades, washrooms, teachers’ meeting room, administration office and warehouses. The second floor will have middle and high school classrooms, washrooms and a computer laboratory.

The school will be able to provide technical courses such as cooking, carpentry and computers for higher-level learning.

Total Cost: $150,000

Total Raised:

Units of Hope

Help change the lives of a family living in poverty by providing a solid two-room house, with a kitchen, roof catchment, water tank and latrine. Provide hope for a family in need today!

Total Cost: $6,000

Thank you for your consideration in donating towards any of these projects. Any amount impacts the life of a child, their family, and the community!