Q. Will I receive letters from my child?

Once your child is informed that you are now his or her sponsor, you will receive an initial letter from them within three to five months. In addition, you will be sent an annual progress report with an updated photo of your sponsored child at the end of the first year of sponsorship and each year of sponsorship to follow.

Q. Can I write or email my child?

The children in our program appreciate receiving family photos and postcards from their sponsors. Please forward all letters to our office and we will ensure they are sent to the children (this is done periodically only).  In order to keep costs down, please adhere to standard size letters weighing 100 grams or less. Also, in an effort to protect our sponsors from unwanted solicitations, please do not include any of your contact information in your letters (this includes home addresses, phone numbers and/or email addresses).

You can also contact your child via email, by forwarding a letter to our office at info@childcareinternational.ca. Your letter will be printed and included in the next package of correspondence sent to your child’s country.

Q. Can I send a special gift to my child?

While the thought is kind, special gifts lead to disappointment and hurt feelings amongst children who walk away empty-handed. To demonstrate that each child is equally loved, we have an annual period of gift giving at Christmas. During this time, each child receives a Love Pack on behalf of his or her sponsor.

Q. How long do I sponsor a child for?

Ideally, sponsorship continues until your child turns 18 years old or graduates from school. However, you are committed to sponsor your child for as long as you desire or are financially able to do so.

Q. Will I get a tax receipt?

Yes. Childcare Canada provides official receipts for tax purposes that get mailed out at the end of February.

Q. Is ChildCare INTERNATIONAL a registered charity?

Yes, ChildCare INTERNATIONAL is a registered charity. Our registration number is #11915 0035 RR0001