CCI focuses on providing Christian education to children around the world. Our sponsored children are registered at a school and our program is aimed towards their holistic development. Also, we strategically choose Partners in locations that are in desperate need and where larger sponsorship organizations choose not to work.

Children love to hear from their sponsors! We encourage you to write about yourself, your country, family, hobbies, pets, favourite activities, church and more. You can send letters to our office or email them to info@childcareinternational.ca and we print and send them to your child. For your protection and the child’s privacy, we strongly advise against any contact with your child on social media.

With your letters you can include items that are flat and will fit in an envelope, such as:

Stickers, Photos, Postcards and Bookmarks. Please DO NOT Include personal contact information, large items (all items need to be light-weight and flat), and no over-sized letters, please.

While the thought is kind, special gifts lead to disappointment and hurt feelings for children who walk away empty-handed. To avoid hard feelings between children, instead of sending a gift designated to your sponsored child, please help provide water, medicine, seeds and other essentials from our Gift Catalogue at childcareinternational.ca  These gifts will bless many children in need.

Children are sponsored until they complete the highest level of school available in their community or reach 18 years old. Your sponsorship is voluntary and lasts as long as you desire or are financially able to sponsor.

You can sponsor as many children as you are financially able to. You can sponsor as an individual, a couple, a family, or as part of a group.

Yes, you will receive:

  • The child’s photo and information (first year).
  • A new photo and greeting from the child (each following year).
  • A reply letter (after you write to your sponsored child).

Once a child is registered into the child sponsorship program, CCI is committed to making sure that the child continues to be cared for even if you need to stop your sponsorship payments. The child’s support will come from our Unsponsored Children’s Fund until a new sponsor is found.


We focus on providing Christian education and holistic child development. Sponsored children are taught they are created in the image of God, having all the gifts and abilities to make right decisions to positively affect and change the world around them for generations to come. Even though our main focus is on providing resources for the children to break the cycle of poverty, we also implement projects that help the community, such as agriculture, water, disaster relief, emergency response, etc.

ChildCare INTERNATIONAL works with local Christian leaders living in the country where the child is sponsored. Our field partners recommend the children most in need of sponsorship in their communities.

CCI believes that education is the key to child development. We focus on providing Christian education through our partnerships with Christian schools and churches in Latin America, Africa and Asia. When there is opportunity to implement additional initiatives, we provide clean water, meals, basic medical care and emergency relief. All children will come to understand that their sponsorship is a result of a God who loves them and a sponsor who chooses to support them.


80% of our funds received are used for the children’s´ holistic development, and 20% are designated for fundraising, general and administration expenses.

To see more on our financial statements, click here.

Yes, ChildCare INTERNATIONAL is a registered charity. Our registration number is #11915 0035 RR0001

Yes. ChildCare INTERNATIONAL provides official receipts for tax purposes for all gifts received over $20. Tax receipts are sent out before the end of January of the following year.