Completed Projects

Below are some of the projects completed by CCI and our partners recently. We thank God for the donors, workers, and everyone else responsible for making these projects come to fruition!

Dominican Republic - Sanitary Filter

Nest of Love School has been blessed with a sanitary filter. Overall, this project is benefiting 427 students and 35 staff members with much healthier sanitary conditions than previously experienced!  

Dominican Republic - Painting the School

The school walls at Nest of Love now have a fresh coat of paint. The previous paint and walls had deteriorated.  Now the students have a fresh clean environment to learn in.

Guatemala - Technology for Blended Learning

El Mesias Christian School has been blessed to purchase technology to support in-class and virtual learning for students due to COVID-19.  Computers, projectors, whiteboards, and wireless systems are now part of the school.

The Philippines - Two "Community Washrooms"

Two communities have been blessed by donations made to complete much-needed washrooms. Approximately 70 families are now benefitting from these community washrooms. Many of these families have children who attend schools and programs supported by ChildCare International. Many of these children are sponsored through CCI.

The Philippines – Footpath

A much-needed foot path has been built in a community that benefits children registered through ChildCare International. Many of these children have sponsors through CCI.

Guatemala - Computer Lab

Mi Especial Tesoro School in Guatemala has been able to buy new computers from donations received.  Students can be taught basic computer systems knowledge and have the opportunity for advanced training. In most cases, students do not have access to a computer at home.  Gaining knowledge on computers skills ensures that students will have more open doors in finding jobs in the future! In addition, this computer lab will be used for paid classes for the community, which will generate a source of income to cover other expenses at this school. 

Uganda - Supplies for Good Samaritan School

Good Samaritan School is located in the Kamuli village of Rakai District, southern Uganda.  Good Samaritan School now has furniture, school supplies, and kitchen utensils. With donations received, desks, chalkboards, books, pens, toilet paper, liquid soap, cups, plates, pans, clocks, soccer balls, paper, markers, and teacher and administrative supplies were purchased. 

Guatemala - Hygiene & COVID-19 Equipment

El Mesias Christian School has been blessed with hygiene supplies, cleaning equipment, and storage shelves to limit the spread of COVID-19. Having essential sanitization equipment and cleaning protocols in place ensures the protection of all students and staff.

The Domincan Republic - Printer

Nest of Love School now has a much-needed printer. This printer is essential for completing daily tasks at school, including providing services to the parents, students, and teachers, and accessing printed educational support materials.

Guatemala - Sound System

Sound equipment is essential for Mi Especial Tesoro to continue important activities, such as teaching its students, hosting parent meetings for information and training, civic and cultural activities, and school ceremonies. In the past, the school has had to rent equipment from other providers which has been costly in the big picture. A new sound system allows up to 450 people to gather while also saving money for the school. 

Guatemala - Photocopier

From donations given to CCI, Mi Especial Teroso School now has a much-needed photocopier.  This technology is more efficient for the teachers who are copying their curriculum for students.  When restrictions due to Covid-19 require the students to stay home, they are able to continue learning!

Rwanda - Washing Station

Blessing School in Rwanda has constructed a washing station so that children can be in school with health and safety measures in place. This is essential for limiting the spread of COVID-19 among students, teachers, and parents. 

Guatemala - School Projector

Mi Especial Teroso School now has a high-end projector. This projector is an essential learning tool as it serves to provide for training sessions with students, weekly devotionals, and workshops with parents and teachers. 

Haiti - Moulin School Kitchen

Construction has been completed at Moulin School for a secure, safe, and weatherproof kitchen. This kitchen will better provide children with a hot lunch every day, which will help children continue to learn, grow, and thrive while being at school.

The Philippines - Computer Lab

A new computer lab has been constructed in a school that CCI partners with in the Philippines! This computer lab gives 100 young people, as well as their parents, the training and skills they need for many job opportunities, involving typing, data entry, scheduling, bookkeeping, designing etc. Due to the generosity of donors, this computer lab provides the resources for many people to support their families. 

Uganda - Faith Academy Pavillion Project

CCI and its partners at Faith Academy, in Kitgum, Uganda, are excited to report that the Pavilion Project has been completed! With all the funds raised, the building has been built and soon, the children will have seats, tables, and a floor.

From Pastor Clayton at Faith Academy:

“Glory to God for this wonderful gift of a building with numerous purposes. What can we say unto the Lord? All that we can say is thank you Lord!!!”

Uganda - Boys Dormitory

A new dormitory has been constructed to provide housing for students at Faith Academy.   

Uganda - School Solar Panel

Thanks to funds raised by a school in Manitoba, a solar panel has been built on the roof of Faith Academy, to provide electricity for a girls dormitory. Before the solar panel, there was no light for the compound. Now students can continue their studies during later hours. 

Dominican Republic - Classroom Supplies for Nest of Love School

Thanks to donors, Nest of Love School in the Dominican Republic has received the amazing gift of 14 new whiteboards! These whiteboards have transformed the classrooms into healthier and more accessible learning environments for the teachers and students.

Read more on the blog!


Uganda - Good Samaritan School Classroom Project

CCI and its partners at Good Samaritan School in Uganda are excited to share that a full use school block has been completely built, and the furnished classrooms are now used by teachers and students each day!

Haiti - Units of Hope

CCI has created “Units of Hope” for women who are struggling to provide for their families. These homes contain a water tank system, a latrine, and a kitchen. While there is always a need for more of these homes, CCI and its partners have completed several, and are extremely happy with the progress being made for these women.

Working with the Makerere Full Gospel Church, this centre is a lifeline to the surrounding slum.

Thank you to CCI’s partners for understanding the vision for this place and helping to make it a reality!

Uganda - Faith Alive Academy & Farm

Construction has been completed for 3 classroom blocks, including installing water tanks, new toilet facilities, and 2 boreholes! In addition, the school has a 100-acre farm that is being used to provide food for the children attending the school, along with a source for future income.

Haiti - Raymond Jean Bois Latrine

A new latrine has been built for this community in Haiti!