Completed Projects

Below are some of the projects completed by CCI and their partners recently. We thank God for the donors, workers, and everyone else responsible for making these projects come to fruition!


Faith Academy – Pavilion Project

CCI and its partners at Faith Academy, in Kitgum, Uganda, are extremely happy to announce that the pavilion project has been completed, and the children now have seats, tables, and a roof to eat their meals under. From Pr. Clayton at Faith Academy:

“Glory to God for this wonderful gift of a building with numerous purposes. What can we say unto the Lord? All that we can say is thank you Lord!!!”

Kamuli School – Classroom Project

CCI and its partners at the sponsored school in Kamuli, Uganda, are excited to share that a full use school block has been completely built, and the furnished classrooms are now used by teachers and students each day!







Units of Hope

CCI has created “Units of Hope” for women who are struggling to provide for their families. These homes usually contain a water tank system, a latrine, and a kitchen. While there is always a need for more of these homes, CCI and its partners have completed several, and are extremely happy with the progress being made for these women.


Units of Hope in Haiti











Uganda: The Arthur and Elise Skidmore Legacy Project

Working with the Makerere Full Gospel Church, this centre is a lifeline into the surrounding slum.

Thank you to CCI’s partners for understanding the vision for this place and helping to make it a reality!

Uganda: The Arthur and Elise Skidmore Legacy Project