Mercy and her Grandmother in Uganda!

Meet Mercy A. from Uganda. Mercy’s family have managed to survive in a country that has been plagued by civil wars, famine, disease, and poverty.

During the civil war in the 1980’s, Mercy’s grandmother had to face many challenges and survive in a very dangerous and volatile environment. She endured the hardships of poverty in their community and has battled for many years to support and provide for her grandchildren. With age, she has struggled to put food on the table and still pay for her grandchildren’s education.

Mercy would not have the opportunity to receive a good education without being registered in the sponsorship program. The support Mercy receives has eased the financial burden that has always weighed heavily on her grandmother.

Mercy’s grandmother is very grateful to ChildCare International and the generous sponsor who have provided the opportunity for Mercy to obtain an education. She has expressed her sincere appreciation for the support that she receives to be able to provide a better quality of life for Mercy.

ChildCare International is so happy that the sponsorship program brings much needed help to the families in Uganda.

There are children registered in our program in Uganda who do not have a sponsor. We want to encourage you to pray for these children and consider blessing one of them with your sponsorship of $40 a month.

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