Hardship and Hope in Haiti

On August 14th, 2021, Haiti was struck by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in the Southern peninsula of the country. This earthquake was more intense than the one that happened in 2010. Wide-spread destruction and significant loss of life has occurred.

ChildCare International has contacted our field partners in Haiti, to know how the pastors, teachers, sponsored children, and their families are doing. It was a very scary experience, especially with the many aftershocks, but thankfully we have received no reports of significant injuries or loss of life among them. The school buildings that ChildCare International and its partners have built in Northwest Haiti are very safe. Each building was constructed or modified according to structural specifications to make them resistant to earthquakes. Although this is an expensive process, the benefits of keeping our precious children and teachers safe during an earthquake are worth the extra expense. These schools will not only endure an earthquake, but they can be used as shelters for the residents of their communities if needed.

Jukenley's story of hope

Haiti is a country hard-hit by natural disasters and political unrest. Every donation and sponsorship received by ChildCare International, makes a significant difference in the lives of our sponsored children.

Jukenley, is one of the children registered in our sponsorship program in Mayette, NW Haiti. In July 2020, he was rushed to LaPointe hospital when he started having breathing problems. He had to undergo an operation to remove a blockage in his intestine. His family could not afford the cost of the operation and were unable to raise the funds. ChildCare International was able to pay for the operation through donations to our Medical Response Fund. The good news is that Jukenley had a quick recovery and was breathing, talking and walking well again within days after the operation. Considering that only 40% of children in Haiti have access to medical care, Jukenley was very blessed to be one of the children who benefited from the sponsorship program with ChildCare International.

Radio program brings sponsors for Jukenley

In July 2021, ChildCare International partnered with CHVN radio in Manitoba to garner support for our child sponsorship program. We are very happy to let you know that Jukenley now has a sponsor. We know that his life will be transformed by this opportunity and pray that he will use his education to make a positive impact in Haiti.

There are children registered in our Haiti program who do not have a sponsor. We want to encourage you to pray for these children and consider blessing one of them with your sponsorship of $40 a month.

Visit our website www.childcareinternational.ca to view the children in Haiti who are still needing a sponsor.