The Story of Centro Pedagogico Didaque​

Amazing things are happening in Tijuana, Mexico and we are so excited to share them with you! First, let us introduce you to one of our partners from Mexico, Ben Davis. In this interview, Ben explains the origin of Centro Pedagogico Didaque and shares updates on what is happening in Tijuana.

Meet our Partner, Ben Davis!

Ben and his wife, Cynthia, and their children, Rhys and Samantha
The school grounds of Centro Pedagógico Didaque in Tijuana, before the re-build. Keep reading to see the new school building!​

How my involvement in this ministry started:

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and I have now lived in Tijuana for over 17 years. I met my wife, Cynthia, here in Tijuana and we’ve now been married for 14 years. Our son, Rhys, is 12 years old and our daughter, Samantha, is 10 years old. Approximately 30 years ago, a missionary family started a church on a lonely hill surrounded by very poor, squatter families. They handed off the reigns to a pastor and his wife, who formed a school on the same property, in order to teach the kids in their Sunday School program how to read and write. I moved down here as a volunteer to work with them, and among the many ministries they were involved in, I helped with the church and the school. Shortly after I arrived in Tijuana, we built a new school and that is when I started the non-profit, Didaque Ministries.  Fast forward, my positions have changed over the years, but I’m still involved with both ministries. I never imagined I’d still be here! However, I plan to stay as long as God has things for me to do. 

Needs and challenges that children and their families face:

Anything from family disintegration to alcoholism, violence and unemployment are challenges in the community. I don’t pretend that Tijuana is worse off than any other country that CCI is working with. However, there are some unique things about the city of Tijuana that are not positive:

1. Tijuana borders “America’s Finest City,” as it’s called. San Diego is beautiful and luxurious in comparison to Tijuana. This has created a feeling of inadequacy and embarrassment for the people living in Tijuana. 

2. Most adults living in Tijuana were not born here. They moved here from Southern Mexico in search of a better life. Many do not consider Tijuana home, and hope to move back, or jump to the U.S. someday.

3. The eastside of Tijuana that started out 20-40 years ago with poor squatters looking for work, has turned into a ghetto filled with drugs, crime and filth. 

How CCI and the school is helping the children, their families and the community:

It’s tremendous! The public school system is overcrowded and the truancy of teachers is high. Children with extra support needs of any kind (physical, mental, behavioral), and even those that have not previously been enrolled in school, are pushed to the side. The system is not capable of working with them. We are far from perfect, but our school specializes in helping children with disabilities who also come from very poor families. Donors through CCI have helped in a huge way by providing support for these students. The hope is that these lives will be transformed, changing the direction of their families, and ultimately impacting their communities. 

"The hope is that
these lives
will be transformed,
changing the direction
of their families,
and ultimately
impacting their communities."

-Ben Davis

The New Project

Ben’s hope for the last decade has been to build new school classrooms. We are so excited to let you know that Ben’s dreams have come true!

Scroll down to see the process of the new school plans coming to life. You can also hover over the photos to read the construction process and timeline.

We are so thankful for the work that Ben and his family are doing in Mexico. Please continue to pray for Ben, the children and families in Tijuana, and for transformation to take place in this community. 

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