Greetings from Rwanda

Since 2016, CCI has sponsored children at two schools in Rwanda. One of these schools is located near the capital city of Kigali, and the other is in the countryside. Many children are registered in our program and we are proud to be supporting this next generation of students. 

The heart of our partners in Rwanda is for orphans and other vulnerable children to access opportunities and reach their full potential. And with your support, it is amazing seeing this vision turn into a reality!

Through education, our sponsored children are cared for holistically as our partners focus to treat each child according to their own individual and unique needs. Our partners also aim to serve the special needs of the community. This means that schooling is personalized for the children, in order to invest in each child’s spiritual, physical, and social development for full, well-rounded support. 

Our partner schools promote Christian principles and values through a variety of instruction that integrates with faith. It is important that children not only grow in their knowledge and competence, but also in wisdom and Godly values. And for many children, it is because of sponsorship that they are able to have this opportunity. Sponsorship connects the child with educational support and spiritual nourishment. Most importantly, sponsorship has given children the opportunity to hear the message that God loves them and has a unique purpose for their lives. 

Ruth and Sharon with Pastor Norman

The students here are from mixed groups and backgrounds, so students learn about how other groups function while also cherishing their friendships with one another. In addition, the families of these students are brought together.  The context of this is significant, as the country has been remarkably growing in unity and restoration after its genocide 26 years ago.

Ruth and Sharon are two of the students who are supported by our program, and they represent so many young boys and girls who want to have education but struggle to pay for their studies. Sponsorship is an incredible gift that takes away this burden.

Overall, the impact that you are making is tremendous! Your support is helping children in Rwanda have their needs met, such as being able to go to school, obtain proper nutrition, and access the educational materials they need to succeed. Our partners tell us that they have seen sponsorship transform children’s lives and their communities. Sponsored children have stayed in school instead of dropping out or facing suspension, which are common alternatives without support. In addition, being sponsored has brought great motivation and confidence for students. 

Together with our partners, we want to thank everyone who plays a role in helping each child reach their full potential. Together, we believe that by investing in one child, you can transform the community and the whole world at large. Your support is also helping us increase our enrollment of children in our program, and our partners tell us they are so excited about a large group of students who are joining this coming school year. 

“If Christ is the Lord of our lives and if our whole world belongs to Him, then there is no small part of our lives that is outside of God’s care and concern.”

-Pastor Norman, CCI Partner in Rwanda 

Interesting Facts about Rwanda:

  • Rwanda hosts a car-free day every month to promote exercise and healthy living
  • Rwanda is known to be the cleanest nation in East Africa, and it even bans the use of plastic bags to protect the environment
  • The last Saturday of every month is dedicated to community service. This is called “Umuganda”, meaning “coming together in common purpose to achieve an outcome” 
  • Rwanda is a dream destination for birdwatching
  • Rwanda is known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”, as it is full of mountains and hills throughout the country, and towns located at significant elevations. 
  • Rwanda is the 2nd smallest nation in Africa (after the small island of Seychelles)

Thank You Video from Rwanda

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Please pray that the children in Rwanda will continue to be transformed through their education. Also intercede that the ones who are still waiting to receive the gift of sponsorship will be given the opportunity. We are so thankful for the work that our partners are doing in Rwanda, and we are so thankful for your support as we pursue our mission to break the cycle of poverty – one child at a time! 

Sponsor a child from Rwanda today!

Sponsor Abdul from Rwanda
Sponsor Isimbi from Rwanda