Thank you for your support during COVID-19!

Throughout the last few months of the pandemic, CCI’s field partners around the world have been faithful and courageous in serving and helping children.  With donations from sponsors and donors, CCI continues to support many families who, due to Covid-19 and the slowing economies, have lost their jobs. Thank you for your unwavering support by sponsoring children to help their families during these extremely difficult times.

We are also helping those who are struggling to make ends meet by providing them with food aid, which has been a lifeline for those without their source of income. We have also provided supplies for their hygiene and health, such as face masks and antibacterial gel. We want to share some photos with you of what your donations have accomplished for many children and their families. In any crisis, the poor and vulnerable are the first to suffer, therefore we are very grateful for your faithful provision towards our sponsored children. Together, we are making a significant difference in the lives of children around the world!

Food relief distributed in Uganda

Food relief distributed in Rwanda

Food relief distributed in Kenya

Our children in Guatemala have received new school supplies and hygiene products! These students have been provided with an abundance of things they need to succeed in school and also stay healthy, such as notebooks, pens, uniforms, a toothbrush, a Bible, hand soap, and face masks. 

With your support, we have also been able to help Sri Lanka and Haiti purchase food during this time!