Sharing Hope this Easter

Dear friend of ChildCare International,

My heart goes out to each and everyone of the children we minister in 10 nations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. As I look daily at the list of COVID-19 cases, more than numbers I remember faces. I see the great need in Haiti and I think of families barely able to get food on the table in the NW part of the country. I hear of the 3000+ cases in Mexico and I remember Sergio and his team who are ministering to children in Cuernavaca. I read that more than 10,000 Africans have now been infected with the coronavirus and I think of our partners in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya serving hundreds of children and their families.

Behind every number there is a face, a soul. Maybe a sister or brother in Christ or someone who is one heartbeat away from an eternity separated from God. I wonder what faces you see. Perhaps you see elderly family members so vulnerable to this virus or the face of someone you know who is battling for their life right now.

However, we don’t face this pandemic alone. Even in our social isolation we are bound together as a global body of Christ by His blood. It is His sacrifice that we celebrate this Good Friday. It is His resurrection that gives us hope that we celebrate this Easter Sunday.

Hope is such a powerful word for all humanity. We at ChildCare International feel the urgency to share hope with every child in the countries that we minister. Thank you for helping us spread hope around the world.

Hope is why we celebrate Easter as the people of God in every nation on earth. Hope is our celebration and our mission. In Christ we have enduring, persevering, victorious, eternal and everlasting hope. Our hope is not in circumstances. Our hope is in a person: Jesus Christ, who rescued us from sin and death. Our hope is in the resurrection.

Dear friend, may we persevere in hope and be encouraged to pray together in hope.

 Let’s share hope this Easter.

 The Lord is risen.

 Jose Prem