Sponsorships in Nsambya, Uganda

Nsambya is a region of Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda. The church has been working in this area for over 50 years. It started very small, in an area that was originally known for its criminal activity.

“We prayed and we asked God what to do. And in response, He asked us to love the community”, shares Pastor Paul. “With a step of faith, we started a school with about ten children. Two of them were actually my own, because we couldn’t afford to send them to a better school either.” The families in the Nsambya region of Uganda live in very challenging situations. Usually families have at least six children, and then these families of at least eight people are living in a very small space, around eight square feet. They sleep on the floor and are quite poor. For most, having one meal a day is a miracle, and many cannot afford education without help. “We started this ministry; we are the pioneers. We aim to give the children in our school at least one meal a day, because we know learning with an empty stomach is very hard. We also run a program where we teach parents how to live a better life by not only trying to survive by taking other people’s things. Instead, we teach them different skills so that they have something to rely on in order to be self-sufficient!”

Pastor Paul recalls the humble beginning of the school:

“When we started, we thought the kids could pay their fees, but we realized that we needed to help the community. We started small and over the years, we have increased to running a full primary school. As of today, we have 350 children. Our capacity is for 500, but unfortunately not every family has the means to pay the fees. This is where sponsorship comes in, which is an amazing gift to many! While there is still a greater need for more children to be sponsored, we are so thankful.”

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Thank you, sponsors, from Uganda

Please pray that the children of Nsambya will continue to be transformed through their education. Also intercede that the ones who are still waiting to receive the gift of sponsorship will be given the opportunity. We are so thankful for the work that our partners are doing in Uganda, and we are so thankful for your support as we pursue our mission to break the cycle of poverty – one child at a time!