The Impact of Donating Towards School Supplies

New Whiteboards in the Dominican Republic

Through donations from the Gift Catalogue, specifically towards school supplies, Nest of Love School in the Dominican Republic has been blessed with new whiteboards that have completely impacted the condition of classrooms!

In the classrooms of Nest of Love, the chalkboards were very old and overused. Originally from another school, they had been used for many years and had to be refurbished and repaired once passed on to Nest of Love. Through the years of having them, our partner Keiry says they had repainted them several times but there was not much more they could do. Because they were used with chalk, the air was so dusty it became damaging for the health of the teachers and the students. In addition, due to their poor quality, the students in the back of the classrooms could hardly see what was written on the boards, making it very difficult to learn. 

These chalkboards were replaced with brand new whiteboards that were installed in the classrooms! The teachers are thankful that they can use whiteboard markers instead of chalk, and it has been incredibly helpful for the learning of students as they can better view instruction. 

“We are very happy we were able to buy the white boards. It is very beneficial not only for the students, but also for the teachers. The white boards help with the visibility in the classrooms, and we can already see some positive changes happening in the performance of the students. This is a dream come true thanks to God and CCI!” -Keiry, CCI’s Partner in the Dominican Republic


More Giving Opportunities!

Schools in Uganda and the Philippines are in need of funds towards classroom supplies. Read about these projects below to see where you can give towards these meaningful projects! 

Good Samaritan School Supplies

Located in Southern Uganda, Good Samaritan School is in need of furniture and school supplies for 10 classrooms, as well as kitchen utensils. With donations, the school of 600 children will benefit from desks, chalk boards, books, pens, toilet paper, liquid soap, cups, plates, pans, clocks, soccer balls, paper, markers, and teacher and administrative supplies. 

Total Cost:  $10,000

Philippines Computer Lab Project

Our partners in the Philippines are building a computer lab in hopes to equip students and parents to move forward in reaching opportunities. With a computer lab, beginners will learn the necessary skills for typing, data entry, scheduling, bookkeeping and designing. This project will help 100 young people be able to find jobs, providing a way to get out of poverty as they make a living to support their families. 

Total Cost:  $7,000