Urgent Need at Vion School

We praise God that the student population at Vion School is growing and thriving! With this growth comes the need for more classroom space. Please partner with us to build four additional classrooms so more children will receive the gift of Christian education!

Vion School is located in Northwest Haiti, in an area that is noted for drought and famine conditions exacerbated by poor quality soil. This area is very poor, even by local standards in a country that is known as the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Adding to the challenges, Northwest Haiti is a seismically active zone, where being prepared for an earthquake is crucial to survival.

While Vion is located in an unremarkable place, according to the people living there, it is now well known because of the work God has done in the church and the school! The ministry of the church outreach among children in the community, and the excellent quality Christian education that CCI sponsors help provide, has resulted in significant growth of the school. At over 190 students and counting, the school has been growing so rapidly that students can now hardly fit onto the benches in the classrooms! More classrooms are desperately needed! 

To provide classroom space for the additional students, the community is building four more classrooms for the school, in hopes that there will be room for all the students returning to school in the Fall, including a place for new students coming with dreams of receiving education at Vion School too.

Our mission is to give this community the proper resources needed to ensure the classrooms are built safely and structurally sound for an earthquake. These classrooms must be able to provide opportunities for students with a safe learning environment. Receiving education must come without fear of there being an improper structure above their heads. With the construction of four new classrooms, children and teachers can continue thriving, and quality education will no longer be a dream or a wish for children in the community, but rather a normal occurrence. 

ChildCare INTERNATIONAL, and the children at Vion School, need your help to do this!

We thank God for your support, any amount will make a huge difference in the lives of these children as they continue pursuing their dreams through education!

Goal: $20,000

Raised 25%