Celebrating A New Step for Samuel

Sponsorship is leading Samuel towards his life-long dream!

Samuel has been a sponsored child with CCI since 2012. He is a living testament to the power of sponsorship in transforming a child’s life. We are so excited to witness Samuel achieve his goals as he heads off to university for Mechanical Engineering!

Samuel, age 12
Samuel, age 14
Samuel, age 15
Samuel, age 16
Samuel, age 18

At the age of eleven, Samuel felt that his life was full of problems and he constantly worried about his future. He was unsure of what was in store for him and what opportunities would be possible. He faced many challenges as a child, such as having to deal with his mother’s passing and father’s abandonment. He so greatly desired the chance to go to school so he could receive a full education, and then he could turn his dreams of being an engineer into reality. With his own education, he hopes that one day he will be able to help other children who are also in need, and then they could go after their dreams too.


In 2012, Samuel received sponsorship through CCI’s program and he was enrolled in primary school in Kenya. At that moment, his life changed forever. From the start, Samuel demonstrated a diligent work ethic and huge effort in his schooling as he recognized the blessing of receiving sponsorship and he did not take it for granted. His hard work paid off too, as he was awarded at school for his academics. His community greatly motivated Samuel, and with every letter Samuel received from his sponsors, he was continually encouraged to keep working hard so that he could achieve his goals. And a highlight of his registration with CCI was when his sponsors came to Kenya and visited him, another huge gesture of their continual support in his life. Not only was Samuel given the gift of education, but he also was able to experience God’s love through CCI’s program and his sponsors. Samuel is thankful for his spiritual formation through the church, and as he has grown, he has learned to fear the Lord, and to have faith and trust in Him. Ultimately, he desires to pursue God’s will for his life, knowing God has good plans in store for him. 

The Next Chapter

Now, Samuel has graduated from secondary school and received the great news that he has been accepted at The Technical University of Kenya, where he will work towards a Bachelor of Technology. With his degree in Mechanical Engineering, Samuel will work with automobiles as he practices designing, manufacturing, and supervising efficiency in companies. Samuel just began orientation and his first term starts in early July. The Technical University of Kenya was founded in 2013, after expanding out of Kenya Polytechnic University, founded in 1961, and it is growing towards being a top-rated university.

Samuel’s Aspirations

Upon completion of his studies, Samuel aspires to acquire resources to help children in need in his community, which has been his biggest dream above all else. While he has written that he dreams of being an engineer since his first letter in 2012, he continually emphasized that his true dream was to be a great man- meaning that he would help those that came from a poor upbringing just like him. It is evident that Samuel values being great in the Kingdom of God, and his desire to help others is a reflection of a heart after Jesus. When asked about his aspirations, Samuel wrote that he hopes God will give him a humble and loving heart as his sponsor has to others. Once again, Samuel reminds us that sponsorship not only brings opportunities into a child’s life through receiving education, but it also naturally teaches the values of generosity and kindness to a sponsored child, which serves as a true inspiration! 

"My dreams for the future are to study hard in school and become an engineer. I also hope that God gives me a humble and loving heart as [my sponsor] has to other people."

"I will never forget what you have done for me. You have changed my life so much... thank you for your love. I want to tell you to continue with your love and God will bless you and all your family."

-Samuel, to his sponsors


We are so proud of Samuel, and we thank God for the prayers and support of all our sponsors which guides children like Samuel towards where they are today. We wish Samuel the best of luck as he begins another exciting step of his life! May God bless him.