Meet Our New Executive Director!

Jose Prem

It is a privilege for me to come to CCI and serve many children, families and communities around the world. My heart has always been sensitive towards the needs of the most vulnerable, because I was born and raised in a country where I was constantly exposed to poverty and need. For the last 10 years I have been involved in leading the operations of an international child development agency in my home country of Guatemala, bringing hope to children living in dire situations. As executive director of CCI, I now can continue serving those in need, beyond the borders of Guatemala. 

Besides graduating from a Theological seminary, I have also studied Chemical and Industrial engineering and worked for more than a decade in manufacturing plants. God had a plan for me, and later He led me to serve Him by ministering to children in poor and remote areas. My wife and I are continuing to follow God’s guidance and we have just moved from Ontario to BC, with our 12-year-old daughter. We are excited about beginning this new chapter in our lives, and I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with you!