School Supplies Needed!

As summer 2018 for Canadian children begins to enter its last phase, it is hard to forget the back to school shopping advertised just about everywhere – from clothing to essential school items, there are deals for everything! While most Canadian children will have the materials they need in order to thrive in school, the same cannot always be said for our children sponsored throughout our 9 countries. There is no doubt they are provided with the opportunity to attend school and learn every day, and our sponsored children are engaged in their studies and grateful for the opportunity to be at school. They are blessed with the hope education brings and possibilities they never dreamed of! Both teachers and parents alike are amazed by their progress.

However, It has come to our attention that there is a significant need for new supplies in many of our sponsored children’s schools. While the physical classrooms CCI has been involved in building, such as the new classroom block in Kamuli, Uganda; provide a safe place where children can learn – school supplies are needed for children to learn!

Further, it’s not just the new classrooms that need materials. Chalk and pencils do not last forever, benches can break, and there is the need for a continuous supply of paper and other materials to write on.

It is important to remember that these classrooms are in constant use, throughout the day and many in the evenings too – just like in Canada! Classroom materials are needed, both in new classrooms and old.

We strive to provide children with the best opportunity to learn that we can, and to do so, we need your help.

  • For only $20, you can provide a classroom bench that children use both to sit and write upon

  • For only $40, you can provide classroom materials for an entire class, including items such as chalk, pencils, and paper.

  • Further, for only $200, you can furnish an entire classroom!  This will provide children, and their teachers, with the chalkboards, benches, and all the materials they need to further their education every single day.

Gifts to help stock classrooms can be done extremely easily through our gift catalogue and online through our website.Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity! Together, we can and will continue to provide children with the opportunity to learn and grow, each day as they attend school.

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