Meeting our Sponsored Child: a Mom’s Dream Come True

Our story began in 2005 when my son Justin was watching television and there was an advertisement showing a little girl going through a heap of garbage.  It was her job to sift through the debris to find treasures of food or items that could be used by her family or be sold.   The little girl looked to be no more than 7 years old.   My heart went out to this child.  As I looked at my son in our home,it was obvious that we were living a different life!

Although Justin was only 5 at the time, I felt that it was important to tell him about children in other parts of the world and explained the concept of sponsorship and how we could help a child like the one he was watching on television.   I asked him if he wanted to share some of his allowance and that together as a family, we could send a child to school.   The phone call was made and we were asked if we wanted a boy or girl and what age would we like the child to be.  Justin chose a  4 year old girl to be his “little sister”.

I always wanted us to travel to meet this little girl one day, to share this experience with my son and to see firsthand how we had made a difference to this child in another part of the world!   Well, that day came on July 21, 2015!   Although it was ten years later, and now a different 4 year old girl, it is amazing how the dots connect in life!

Although the experience was life changing, what remained the same for me as a Mom, is that this little four year old was just like any other four year old.  The only difference is that she lived in an area without the same opportunities that we enjoy here in Canada. Being so young, when we first met her, she was expectedly shy with us. Supported by her family members, she smiled when given a few small gifts from Canada.  A true connection was made between our monthly sponsorship and this little girl’s life!   Education is a way out of poverty.   Although, the country is very poor, we came away knowing that we were making a difference in the life of this little girl.

My dream came true on July 21st….   and what is the next dream?  I want to encourage families to share their resources and lives with a child less fortunate and give him or her the gift of education.

The gift of giving will always be our reason for sponsoring a child but on this trip, we received a much bigger gift in receiving as we gazed into the eyes of our 4 year old sponsored child ten years after our story began.

Thank you to ChildCare INTERNATIONAL for their amazing work and for making this Mom’s dream a reality!