Haitian Medical Student Ready to Give Back



The ChildCare INTERNATIONAL Scholarship Fund targets ChildCare assisted secondary school graduates who want to pursue a program of post graduate secondary education. ChildCare awards an annual scholarship to those students who demonstrate academic and extracurricular excellence, and who successfully meet the selection criterion established by CCI partners in the country of origin.  Each scholarship candidate must have recommendations from his or her pastor, a teacher and a community leader.  The student must have consistently shown exceptional promise in three areas: Christian Character, Church and Community Service, and Academics. Upon graduation from their field of study, students return home to transform their churches, communities and their nations from the inside out.




GradPhilippe was an impoverished young boy from the rural village of LaGrange, Haiti. Philippe’s life changed forever the day a doctor visited LaGrange. He knew then that without any doubt that one day he too would become a doctor. 

During the devastating earthquake of January 2010, despite sustaining a serious head injury, Philippe managed to walk from his demolished university in Port-au-Prince north to his home in LaGrange. He took hundreds of orphaned children along with him, leading them to safety. Philippe’s talent and success in academics, as well as his overall determination, earned him a CCI scholarship.

With a scholarship from CCI, Dr. Philippe completed his education in the Dominican Republic and after graduating in July 2016, will be returning to Haiti to use his skills to help his home country.

If you want to know more about how you can support a student like Philippe, please contact us at info@childcareinternational.ca.